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Murata Integrated Passive Solutions
Murata Integrated Passive Solutions is an independent European High Tech Company dedicated to the manufacture of leading edge Integrated Passive Devices for medical, automotive, communication, industrial and high reliability market such as down hole, defence/aerospace . Murata Integrated Passive Solutions is recognized as the world leader in 3D Silicon Capacitors and its brilliant technology has been adopted by world leaders in medical electronics as well as by key players in the semiconductor area and Hi-Rel industry.
Murata Integrated Passive Solutions portfolio includes silicon capacitors from pF to tens of µF and is composed of:
• Low Profile Capacitor < 80 µm thin for decoupling inside critical space application such as IC decoupling, MOS sensor, broadband modules, RFID;
• High Temperature Capacitor up to 250°C with very high stability;
• Ultra Broadband Capacitor up to 60 GHz;
• High Reliability Medical and Automotive Grade Capacitor;
• 2D and 2.5D Silicon Interposers with and without passive components for integration in System in Package (SiP) or MultiChip module (MCM);
• Passive component networks for integration in module or on board.
Murata Integrated Passive Solutions headquarters are located in Caen, France. The company operates design centers, sales and marketing offices and a manufacturing facility of 10 000 m2 (110 000 ft2) certified ISO 9001 / 14001, ISO TS16949 for the automotive market as well as ISO 13485 for medical devices.

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions, owning its own fab with a strong 6 inches capability, will have the capability to industrialize any medical products develop in the project as soon as the technology is based on a silicon semiconductors technology. Working for many years on silicon passives components innovation, Murata Integrated Passive Solutions will use its knowledge and R&D capability to develop 3D capacitors on silicon in order to offer a maximal miniaturization for the innovative demonstrator prototypes. Murata Integrated Passive Solutions will make all developments according ISO 13485.
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